Thursday, June 17, 2010

Home Staging for Sale

Selling a home will be easier if you optimize the home's appeal by decluttering and staging the home to sell. Home staging for sale means to follow a checklist of home improving items as suggested by a professional home interior decorator and stager so that the home will appeal to the broadest audience when placing it on the market.

Some insider tips on preparing a home for sale include:

  • Removing excess furniture from rooms

  • Decluttering (always important)

  • Removing clutter from bookcases and stacking some books vertically with decorative elements placed on top of the stack of books. Removing and parsing through the book collection to allow for space on the shelves.

  • Keeping closets half empty will also improve the closet appeal when potential home buyers sneak a peak at the closets.

  • Organizing the insides of drawers can help keep a continuous appearance of neatness and in turn, helps the new homeowner imagine themselves living in the new residence.

Staging a home for sale involves experience, a keen eye for detail and knowledge of current real estate trends and home decorating looks.

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